Welcome to Drop Zone Airsoft Productions and Sky Fall Airsoft Team page. We are a Florida based team right now and accepting sponsorship requests soon. “We are SFAT”


The owner and founder of the team and services provided is Jacob also known by most

as Jake. He is a 31B ( Military Policemen ) OEF ( Operation Enduring Freedom ) Army

Veteran. He has been playing Airsoft for the past two years and looks to one day open

his own field and shop. Always willing to add others to the team.


His Primary gun is a KWA MOD.2 with Joker Hydro Dipped on it.

Jake provides services from upgrading airsoft AEG rifles to fixing them. Below are some of Jake’s personal rifles for sale. Any information wanted please feel free to contact him.

Looking for Parts or to buy? Custom form is below as well.

SEND ORDER FORMS TO [email protected]